We opened a bag of Funyuns and made NFTs of each one. You can own one 1 of 47 unique Funyun NFTs that may be redeemed for its IRL funyun counterpart.

Are you a Non-Funyunable owner this is hungry? We vacuume sealed your IRL funyun in a climate controlled location and it is waiting. All you have to do conect your wallet to verify Non-Funyunable ownership and we will ship you your IRL funyun that day so you can eat it very soon! Don't have one? headover to the Non-Funyunable Marketplace to buy one.

Non-Funyunable Marketplace


Why are you doing this when I can just go to the store and buy a whole bag for less money?

Yeah, but we bought the package of Funyuns, we vacuume sealed each one, we created an NFT to represent unique ownership of a unique funyun from the bag.

So how did you come up with the price of these Non-Funyunable Tokens?

The floor price of each Non-Funyun is derived by the cost of the bag of Funyuns (plus TN sales tax) divided by the number of Funyuns inside. Some are more rare than others and may incur a *premium cost but that's just how it goes.

You're Funyuns, why do you need the money?

Well, we're not Funyuns and are not affilated with them at all and we don't need the money either. But, St. Jude and Make a Wish foundation does and that's where every penny we get from this is going. All transactions will be posted on the blockchain and here for transparency and verification.

I'm in, how in the world do I get a Non-Funyunable Token?

Go to the Non-Funyunable Marketplace and buy an available NFT. Come back here and connect your wallet to veriify you own one. Once, verified you can redeem your Funyun and have it shipped to you for free.